Sunday, 27 November 2011

Compound Barbell Interval Training

Fancy building muscle, shredding fat and getting fit using barbell compound intervals?
A compound exercise is basically a multi-joint exercise, examples of such exercises using a barbell would be, squats, bench press, deadlift, clean, press and snatch to name a few.   
However, a concentration curl with a dumbbell is not. 

The idea behind mixing compound barbell exercises with interval training is to engage as many muscle fibers and burn as much energy as possible.

By themselves the basic barbell exercises squat, deadlift, bench press and military press utilize the major muscle groups but put together with short rest periods can be turned into interval training sessions with great benefits .

As with circuit training it is best to alternate upper body with lower body exercises to reduce total body fatigue.
Compound Barbell Interval Workout Example

Barbell Squat       30:30 (30 secs squatting followed with 30 secs rest)
Bench Press        30:30
Deadlift               30:30
Overhead Press   30:30

Rest for 3-5 minutes (repeat if desired unless your in a pile on the floor).
If the 30 secs are too much or not enough then increase or decrease accordingly.
The format of the exercises can also be extended to involve other movements, such as bent over barbell row, barbell lunges or even using one handed barbell exercises to build an element of stability and extended functionality into your program.

Initially once per week using this protocol could be built into your regular training program and as many times as 3 depending on what your specific goals are.

The Gymboss Interval Timer is the perfect tool to time this type of interval, to ensure accuracy of work and rest

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